StrongArm Crash Site Prep

The StrongArmCrash M50

The StrongArmCrash M50 is a certified Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier Arm designed and manufactured by HySecurity. This barrier arm's unique dual-arm design prevents a large truck or small passenger vehicle from breaching security. Capable of stopping a 15,000 lb truck, driving 50mph, in place. Bright LED arm lighting and reflective tape grant increased visibility and prevent accidental impact. The lower arm reduces risk of injury or death from an accidental passenger vehicle impact. Cycles up to 100 times an hour (continuous cycling available). The HySecurity StrongArmCrash M50 is a crash certified, reliable and advanced security control and defense barrier arm according to the ASTM F2656-07 M50-P2 crash test standard.

Operator Models

HySecurity StrongArmCrash M50 Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier Arm
HySecurity StrongArmCrash M50 NP Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier Arm
HySecurity StrongArmCrash M50 CE Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier Arm

Site Preparations

Learn how to set-up the foundation for your HySecurity StrongArmCrash M50 Vehicle Barrier Operator. Follow along as we cover the step-by-step process in which it takes to build the foundation as well as testing out the finished product!

Site Specifications:

Rebar: #5 Rebar - Grade 60
Concrete: (122 cm3), 3,000 PSI
Foundation: 6 x 6 x 2 ft (183 x 183 x 61 cm) or 4 ft

Downloadable Documents

For technical specifications, download the StrongArmCrash M50 Site Prep Guide and Installation Manual.

Site Prep Guide Installation Manual

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