HySecurity OEM Smart DC Controller Board PCB - MX3037-0

HySecurity Smart DC Controller Board - MX3037-0
Part Number: MX3037-0

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HySecurity OEM Smart DC Controller Board PCB - MX3037-0

The Smart DC Controller Board by HySecurity is designed for the operation and configuration of several HySecurity brand DC gate operators. This controller board provides perimeter security and communication technologies ideal for high security locations. The Smart DC Controller also allows for the configuration of over 70 different settings for a reliable and highly customized gate operator. Instant reporting and analysis features automatically timestamp in the event of a security breach or a system malfunction.


  • Easy Installation Configuration
  • Warning Buzzer and Alarm System
  • Ethernet Connectivity via HyNet Gateway
  • Security Monitoring and Breach Reporting
  • Support for Several HySecurity Gate Operators (SlideSmart DC, SwingSmart DC, StrongArmPark DC, WedgeSmart DC)

SKU MX3037-0
Manufacturer Nice | HySecurity
Accessory Type Controller Board