HySecurity StrongSlide M30 Crash-Rated Heavy-Duty Anti-Ram Automatic Slide Gate Opener

The StrongSlide M30 uses similar materials and designs for the vehicle arrestor as the tried and true StrongArm M30. As the premium slide gate operator in the industry, StrongSlide M30 is operated exclusively by SlideDriver to provide reliability commensurate with the needs of an HVM slide gate.
Part Number: STRONGSLIDE-M30


HySecurity StrongSlide M30 Crash-Rated Heavy-Duty Anti-Ram Automatic Slide Gate Opener

This premium slide gate operator is the first crash-rated slide gate in the StrongSlide family. It is operated exclusively by SlideDriver to uphold the qualifications and needs of a Hostile Vehicle Mitigation slide gate. This reliable gate operator is designed with a steel frame cantilever gate panel and bottom track hardware to increase durability and create a smooth operation. It is easy to operate with an innovative, lightweight vehicle arrestor system that reduces the overall weight of the gate and wear and tear. The SlideDriver is made from powder-coated steel to provide years of reliable, carefree service.

The unified mounting template makes installation easy. The mounting template locates and aligns the gate rollers, support posts, and arrestor catch bollards. The raised platform is pre-drilled for SlideDriver installation. The SlideDriver posts, which capture the arrestor beams during impact, are filled with concrete and double as bollards to protect the gate, operator, and fence. During emergencies, the SlideDriver will close in 8 seconds, providing another layer of security. With proper care and maintenance, the SlideDriver M30 is designed to hold a service life of 500,000 cycles and has an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Key Features:

  • Crash Rated: Capable of Stopping 15,000-Ton Truck Moving 30MPH With Zero Penetration
  • Easy Operation: Light Weight Vehicle Arrestor Design Provides Extra Long Service Life
  • Durable: Decades-Long Lifespan and Low Maintenance
  • Warranty: Protected By Industry-Leading 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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Operator Type StrongSlide M30
Material Steel
Finish Powder-Coated