Can a Gate Opener Open a 20,000-Pound Extra Heavy Gate?

Slide Driver Over 20,000 Pound Gate

Do not compromise on quality due to the size of your gate. With our Hysecurity SlideDriver 200 Series, you can confidentially know your heavy-duty gate will easily open and close. Designed to handle a gate that is up to 20,000 pounds effectively, all our SlideDriver 200 units are equipped to take on the job of moving large industrial gates.

SlideDriver 200 Heavy-Duty Gate Opener Features

This series of gate operators was crafted with high-quality hydraulic motors that control the polyurethane AdvanceDrive wheels, allowing the gate to work continuously. The inner workings of these units are safely protected by a 12-gauge steel chassis built to withstand the elements and keep your gate working rain or shine. Even when the power goes out, you can have peace of mind that your gate operator can still move your tremendous gate.

SlideDriver 200 Units

Our SlideDriver 200 series of operators have a variety of optional accessories that help to improve your gate system. These accessories include vehicle detectors, tamper-proof covers, and fire emergency access lock boxes.

Create the perfect gate system today by reviewing the expansive inventory of gate operators. For questions or more information about our SlideDrive 200 series units, please get in touch with one of our friendly sales representatives by calling (888) 378-1127 or emailing

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