Different Types Of Bollards

While out at a sporting event, walking into a shopping center, or visiting a college campus, you might have noticed large, round posts sticking out of the ground located right outside the facility’s entryways. These large posts are not there to fill the space or add decoration but serve an important role in protecting that building and the people who walk through it from damage and injury.

These sturdy fixtures are known as bollards and help protect buildings and pedestrians from accidental and malicious vehicle collisions while allowing people to maneuver through the space easily. Though all bollards look very similar, they are not all the same. There are three styles of bollards that offer unique features to equally protect and provide convenience to the places they are installed. Along with the different styles of bollards, there are different crash ratings that determine the weight, size, and speed of the vehicle they can stop. To learn more about crash rating, check out our article linked here.

bollards on university campus

HySecurity Fixed Mount Vehicle Mitigation Bollards

Fixed bollards are permanent structures that, once installed, cannot be removed. These types of bollards are very popular outside of malls, shopping centers, and convenience stores that require constant protection and do not need the space for other events.

HySecurity Removeable Vehicle Mitigation Bollards

This bollard style has a permanent base placed into the ground. When needed, the post can be inserted into the base and securely locked into place and then easily removed from the base when free access is required.

HySecurity Hydraulic Vehicle Mitigation Bollards

Hydraulic bollards are sometimes called active bollards and can be manually or automatically lowered into the ground. These are ideal for multi-use public spaces that might need the bollards for some events but can quickly lower them when unnecessary. These bollards are also used as access control solutions for parking areas that want to regulate who is coming and going from certain areas.

Bollards are a reliable and effective way to protect people and property from harmful destruction. When choosing a bollard for your facility, it is important to consider what crash rating will work best for your application and what the space is used for. These two factors will help you to decide what bollard will work best for your space.

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