What Is Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)?

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Device

HVM or Hostile Vehicle Mitigation is a way of securing critical infrastructure and key assets with crash-rated devices. Many banks, government agencies, data centers, border patrol, mining operations, casinos, and many more industries use hostile vehicle barriers to solve high-security needs. HVM products come in a wide variety of options to suit just about any design or environmental need. HVM devices have a crash test rating that ensures the security and safety of the premises. The ratings are generally M30 or M50, which means that, for example, a barrier with an M30 rating will stop a 15,000 lb. medium-sized truck traveling 30 miles per hour within 1 meter after the barrier. M50 is the same, except it applies to the same scenario, just 50 miles per hour.

Having a high-security vehicle barrier is paramount when protecting valuable assets like banks and government buildings. There are several different types of hostile vehicle mitigation solutions that Secure Openers offer. There are wedge-shaped options and there are barrier arms too. The barrier arms are available up to 24 feet in length, providing plenty of width for anyone needing a long-lasting, secure barrier. Several Anti-Ram wedge models come with EFO (Emergency Fast Operation). This allows the barrier to be deployed in just 1 second. It is nice to have this ability in any emergency.

HVM devices are becoming increasingly advanced each year, with more agencies finding a need for them. If you would like to call for a quote or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives. We offer custom solutions for many government and government-contracted agencies. Check out our information page on government purchases. We look forward to helping you!

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