How To Improve School Perimeter Security

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As summer ends and school draws near, many school districts seek ways to ensure their site is secure so students enjoy a peaceful return to the campus. One of the key points schools should look towards this year is implementing an automated barrier and a swing and slide gate for their single access-controlled point (ACP).

What Difference Will A Barrier Gate Make?

Regarding vehicular damage, staying safe is better than putting students in danger. StrongArmCrash barrier gates are created to halt a 15,000-pound truck instantly. With these security gates installed, you can be assured that no car can pass the gates without individual clearance. StrongArm barrier arms are rapid barrier arms that work well with high-traffic and have a duty cycle of 2,000 cycles per day if you require not as tough options. But, if you are not interested in barrier arms, swing, and slide gate openers can provide additional security.

Slide And Swing Gate Openers For School Security

Swing and slide gate openers can work well in school settings when applied to outside entrances requiring ornate gates to fit a particular aesthetic. You’ll need an operator to handle heavy weight if you have a large iron gate. The SlideDriver family of gate openers can handle up to 20,000 pounds of weight and is equipped with a steel chassis to protect your gate opener from outdoor elements. SwingSmart DC operators are ideal for swing gates and have a backup battery, so your students or faculty are not locked out in case of a storm.

Are Perimeter Security Measures Necessary In A School Setting?

While you may only think of these systems working in industrial settings, perimeter security systems such as barrier, swing, and slide operators are helpful in the educational setting to ensure your students and faculty only need to worry about education and not possible safety issues. If you want to follow UL 325 safety standards, many perimeter security systems are compliant when used with two entrapment protection sensors.

School Parking Lots With Barrier Gates

Not only do barrier gates work near school buildings, but they also can be used in parking lots to prevent theft. This way, you can monitor who comes in and out of a parking lot, and if you have a large event, such as a football game at a university, there is a straightforward way to see who has paid a fee for parking with automated barrier arms.

Bollards To Protect School Buildings

Gate openers are key to perimeter security, and bollards are another useful addition. Anti-Ram bollards can go near buildings with sensitive information and instantly stop a 15,000-pound truck driving 30 miles per hour. This is a way to ensure people are not hurt should an accident happen.

When creating a security strategy for your school, the best defense is to use bollards, barrier gate openers, and slide/swing gate operators in conjunction with each other.

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