Hysecutity HVM Bollards: The Need to Know

Regarding stopping power, Anti-Ram bollards from Hysecurity have everything you need to stop a large truck driving at 30 miles per hour instantly. Sometimes, your first line of defense, whether a barrier or slide or swing gate opener, fails, and you may need something in front of your building that will stop any future accidents. In this case, M30 and M50 bollards are the essential solutions that keep people safe inside a closed structure.

HySecurity M30 & M50 Bollards

While these bollards are similar, you must choose between shallow-mounted, fixed-mounted, and removable bollards. All these options offer different advantages.

HySecurity M30 Bollards

The M30 Bollard is created to stop a 15,000-pound truck that is driving at 30 miles per hour. This bollard has a classic design that makes it appealing for outdoor installation. Many custom finish options will help you customize your bollard to your specifications.

Key Features:

  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
  • Stops A 15,000 Lbs. Vehicle Driving At 30 Mph
  • Protect Pedestrians On Walkways
  • Cost-Effective Option For Perimeter Security
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HySecurity M50 Bollards

This bollard is similar to the M30, but this model can stop a 15,000-pound truck going 50 miles per hour. Available with customizable options too, you can create a bollard that will fit in with the aesthetics of your surrounding. Protect buildings and people with this heavy-duty bollard.

Key Features:

  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
  • Protect Pedestrians When Walking Around Buildings
  • Cost-Effective Option To Offer Advanced Security
  • Stops A 15,000 Lbs. Truck Going 50 Mph
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M50 Bollard HySecurity

Choosing Between Removable And HySecurity Fixed Deep Mount And Shallow Mount Bollards

If you have decided between the M50 and M30, you must pick either a shallow-mounted or deep-mounted removable or fixed bollard. But, if you’re unsure what the right option is, deep-mounted and shallow-mounted bollards work in different installation situations.

Deep Mount Bollard

HySecurity Fixed Bollard-Deep Mounted

  • Budget-Conscious Bollard Where Depth Is Not An Issue
  • Offers Smaller Footprint
  • Lets More Flexibility Occur In Engineered Foundation Designs
Shallow Mounted Bollard

HySecurity Fixed Bollard-Shallow Mounted

  • Less Installation Costs
  • No Need To Worry About Digging Into Underground Utilities
  • Goes Above Groundwater
  • No Difference In Effectiveness Compared To Deep Mounted Models

What Is The Difference Between HySecurity Fixed Bollards and Removable Bollards?

A fixed bollard is created to stay in place and not move. These are ideal bollards for a building that requires constant security. However, if you are interested in a bollard that can be removed in areas that have access to traffic at some times and are locked at other times, a removable bollard is a better choice. Remember that removable bollards can be taken out of the ground, while fixed bollards are not as movable.

If you are ready to view all Anti-Ram bollard options, there are several options:

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