Choosing a Control Board For Your HySecurity Gate Opener

If you own a barrier, slide, or swing gate operator, the control board is the main component that helps you control what your operator does, what it connects to, and how it functions. Hysecurity Nice control boards are used for Strong Arm, SlideDriver, SlideSmart, and Swing Smart openers. But between the Smart CNX, Smart DC, and Smart Touch, what control board will work with your operator, and what it offers? In this case, this quick guide will help jumpstart your control board purchasing journey.

Smart CNX Controller

This controller offers robust 70-user settings, and as a bonus, you can control everything from your smartphone with wireless compatibility. With Bluetooth and HyNet technology, this control board can do almost anything. Additionally, built-in diagnostics made it uncomplicated to troubleshoot gate operator issues.

Compatibility: SlideSmart And SwingSmart Gate Openers

Key Features:

  • OLED Display Offers Simple Navigation
  • USB And Nice BlueBus Port Helps You Connect
  • Five Inputs That Can Be Configured For Sensors, Detectors, Or Controls
  • Uncomplicated Primary And Secondary Connections For Multiple Gates
  • Ethernet Connection Available With HyNet Technology

Smart DC

The Smart DC is the first smart gate controller that uses the START app for your computer to view your gate operator's information and configure settings. The included USB port makes connecting your control board easy. Use the advanced HyNet Gateway to connect by Ethernet.

Compatibility: StrongArm Park DC, WedgeSmart DC, SlideSmart DC, Slide Smart HD, And Swing Smart DC

Key Features:

  • Four Hy5B Ports To Be Used For Vehicle Detection And Loop Diagnostics
  • For Use With A Single Gate
  • Two User Relays That Can Be Configured
  • Includes NC Monitored Entrapment Setting
  • UL325 Listed For I, II, II, and IV

Smart Touch Control Board

The Smart Touch control board is a robust controller that has native primary and secondary interfaces which help operators when creating sequenced gates. This control board has a HyNet Gateway for Ethernet connection and includes four Hy5B ports to be used with vehicle detection and loop diagnostics. Use the START app on your PC to monitor your gate.

Compatibility: HydraWedge SM50, StrongArm M30/M50, SlideDriver, HydraSwing, SwingRiser, And StrongArm

Key Features:

  • RS232 And RS485 Ports To Communicate Machine-To-Machine
  • OLED Display Helps You See Everything Clearly
  • Configuration Of The RS232 By Using START PC App
  • Various Preprogrammed Functions Available With Three User Relays
  • Can Be Used With Single Gates
  • NC Monitored Entrapment Setting

Which Control Board Is Right For You?

If you are unsure what control board is right for you, first verify the control board is compatible with your gate operator. After this, if you prefer using BlueBus photo eyes and Bluetooth connectivity, the Smart CNX controller is the preferred option. However, the Smart Touch is the best if you don’t need these features but require an industrial control board. The Smart DC is ideal for residential applications.

If you need help picking the correct controller board, please speak with our helpful sales representatives.

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