SlideDriver Versus SlideDriver II

Despite the SlideDriver and SlideDriver II being excellent slide gate operators, some key differences may influence your purchase. If you’ve been considering purchasing a SlideDriver or the latest model, SlideDriver operators are some of the fastest and most durable gate operators on the market. They are powerful and tough enough to handle gates over 1,000 pounds.

The Original Slide Driver

The original Slide Driver is available in six different model types with various slide gate limits and horsepower. The manufacturer gives a 5-year warranty when a product is registered, so you can be sure your Slide Driver will work for five years. SlideDriver 30F and 50VF models are created for speed and can open large gates in 1.7 to 2.2 feet per second.

Key Features:

  • Move Gates Of More Than 20,000 Lb.
  • Made With A Steel Chassis And Taper-Resistant Cover
  • Models That Contain UPS Before Horsepower Will Work Even During Power Outages
  • Function In Multiple Weather Conditions Without A Heater
  • Minimal Maintenance Required And Made In The United States

The New SlideDriver II

The new SlideDriver II includes a SmartTouch 725 control board, bringing everything great about the old model but adding new technological features such as Bluetooth/smartphone installer app compatibility and an advanced user interface that includes a 100K entry event log and a 7-day timer. You can easily connect USB devices with a dedicated port, and the dual contactless limit sensors, along with HyNet connectivity, offer the most technologically advanced slide gate operator on the market.

Key Features:

  • Connect Your Gate Operator To Your Phone Fast
  • Includes One EMX IRB-MON Photo Eye And A 5-Ft Premium ASO Edge Sensor (Not With SD200V)
  • Advance Drive Wheels To Move Extremely Heavy Gates
  • Includes Contactless Solid-State Limits
  • Remotely Control Configuration and Diagnostics

SlideDriver Versus SlideDriver II

If you are considering between these two models, the main difference is the control board. If you prefer having all the latest and greatest features and want to control your gate by smartphone, the SlideDriver II is the right choice. However, if you do not mind using software to control your gate on the PC, the SlideDriver is a solid choice and can still open large gates fast. Additionally, since the SlideDriver II already includes many safety features, such as an inherent entrapment sensor, it may save you more money to purchase a new SlideDriver II instead of needing extra safety devices.

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